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Here are some tips for lighting your home and choosing the perfect light for every room in your house:

  • With wooden floors or warmer coloured flooring. A warm white light is usually a better option .
  • With lighter flooring, a cool white light is the better way to go especially in living areas.
  • Kitchens and bathrooms should always have a daylight illumination, because as the name says it is the closest thing we have to the sun that produces a daylight, which is good for food in the kitchen and make up in the bathrooms.
  • When you would like to light up a feature, a different coloured light is the best option. So if the room has warm white use day light, or if you have daylight lamps you should use warm white.
  • Try not to use daylight lamps outside, especially on driveways, as they tend to give a harsh light. In Alfresco situations it tends to attract more mosquitoes.
  • Never install downlights closer than 700mm to a plastered wall as the light shows all the imperfections in the walls, such as the joints and patching.
  • Trapeze lighting is another lighting that is not used enough, as is great if you want something different and unique. It has a rugged industrial look.
  • LED Strip lighting is very adaptable. It comes in a variety of colours and brightness. For external lighting surface mounted gives a nice bright clean and crisp light. Internal use hidden or covert situations give a nice soft reflective glow.
  • Try to purchase the best lighting for your budget as the more economical lighting usually has inferior lamps or LED’s and control devices.
  • There is a misconception of the brighter the light the more light you will get for internal situations. You are better off using a light that’s less harsh and more of them. This will give you a more even spread of light, without having harsh bright spots.

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