The Dangers of Melted Wiring

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08 Jul The Dangers of Melted Wiring

Electricity is something we use every single day, at home and in our workplace. Commercial and industrial establishments would never be able to function without it, and yet we take it for granted – at least until the time something goes wrong with it. While the electrical fixtures and fittings are all within sight, the wiring and other related installations are typically out of sight. This also means that we don’t really pay much attention to them at all.

Melted wiring – the causes

What we don’t realise is that while most electrical issues seem like they have arisen out of the blue, there are almost always some warning signs. Electrical issues can result in electrical fires that can be extremely dangerous. Melted wiring is one of the commonest causes of electrical fires. There are a number of things that can lead to melting of electrical wiring, such as:

#1 Arcing

Electricity anywhere has an electromagnetic field; and the electricity flowing through the wires on your property is that way too. This electromagnetic field is at a certain level and that is why it isn’t really evident. However, at times there is an excessive build-up of electricity in the wiring on your property, which weakens the wires. If you don’t address this issue on time, the wiring will melt and result in arcing, and that is when you hear the crackling, hissing or buzzing sound emanating from wires.

#2 Power overloads

All electrical installations are made to carry a certain amount of power load. Older structures tend to also have decades-old wiring; that is unable to bear the load of current-day, power guzzling electrical appliances and equipment.

If you run too many of these all at once on your property, it results in an overload in the system. Typically when this happens, the fuse connected to that particular circuit blows. If, for some reason, this doesn’t happen and the electricity continues to flow through the system, it will cause the old wiring to melt.

#3 Short Circuits

A short circuit is caused when a neutral wire comes in touch with a live wire. Just as in the case of a power overload, if this occurs, the fuse will blow and the electrical supply within that circuit will get disconnected. However, if this doesn’t take place & the electricity keeps flowing through the wires, they will get heated up and melt.

Always attend to electrical repairs on time

If you find anything out of the ordinary with the electrical installations in your home/commercial establishment, never defer calling in an electrician to check what the issue is. The signs to look out for are arcing in electrical installations, switches and powerpoints that are hot to the touch etc.

Attending to all these issues on time will ensure that you have less problems to deal with, later. Never forget that electrical issues can be very dangerous and the more you defer getting them checked, the more you endanger your safety and that of anyone who lives or works on your property.

Opt for preventive electrical maintenance solutions

The one way to prevent electrical issues from surfacing in this manner, is to opt for preventive electrical maintenance services. As part of these services, the electrician will come in at pre-decided intervals and thoroughly test all the electrical appliances, fixtures, installations and wiring on your premises. If he notices anything out of the ordinary, he will inform you about it and it can be fixed before the issue aggravates and poses a risk to life and property.

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