The Different Types of Lighting Effects

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15 Jul The Different Types of Lighting Effects

If you are considering getting new lighting installations or want to upgrade your existing ones, it’s a good idea to conduct a certain amount of research on what type of light fittings and bulbs are available in the market. You will surprised by the vast variety of fixtures you find. Regardless of how beautifully-designed your home is, if you want it to look stunning and attractive after dark, you would need to ensure that it has the right kind of lighting.

Lighting effects

In fact, the simplest of interiors and décor can look astoundingly unique with appropriate lighting effects and the ones you might want to consider are:

Ambient lighting

In this type of effect the light source is hidden and it throws a glow across the room. It very effectively flattens the appearance of an interior space and you will hardly find any shadows anywhere. Examples of this type of lighting are wall sconces and Japanese paper shades. You can create this effect with other fixtures, by using a dimmer as well.

Accent lighting

This is used to highlight a specific object or an interesting feature in a room. The only thing that is required to create this effect is a bulb and some sort of cover to direct the light in the direction you desire. Opaque shades, table lamps and halogen spotlights are good examples of accent lighting, also called directional lighting.

Task lighting

As the name suggests, this type of lighting is used in areas like the kitchen, bathroom, study etc- anywhere you need to perform daily activities and need clean, clear light. It’s important that this lighting be glare-free as that will help prevent the eyes from getting tired. This type of lighting can be used in a very effective manner in combination with ambient lighting.

Aesthetic lighting

This is used to light up art objects like a portrait or a statue. In fact, some pieces such as neon sculptures can themselves be a form of aesthetic lighting and have to be used with other types of lighting.

Types of bulbs

When we talk about lighting, it’s not only about the different types of fittings and fixtures or placement of lights that gives us the effect we need. It’s also a lot about the type of bulbs we use. These are the different types of bulbs available:


These are the standard light bulbs that throw a slightly yellowish light.


This is the closest in effect to natural light and is called ‘white light’. In this type of lighting, colours tend to appear very clear and sharp. These are more energy-efficient than regular tungsten bulbs and they are dimmable too.


Throws a burst of focused, white light.


This refers to different types of bulbs such as fluorescents and halogen. This light has a very warm quality, is psychologically appealing and very inviting.


The standard fluorescent bulb throws-off a very cool, flat light which tends to be harsh and has a bluish tinge. Apart from these, you will also find cool, warm and special-coloured fluorescents on the market.

Which type of lighting will work for me?

With so many options, available, choosing the right kind of lighting can be quite a difficult task. There are no fixed rules when it comes to lighting a room. You will have to take into consideration aspects such as the height and dimensions of the room, its purpose and of course your personal preferences.

In most instances, rooms have a combination of different types of lighting. If you want a room to look interesting, it’s important to use wall washers, up-lighting, down-lighting recessed lighting etc to acquire the right effect.

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