Main Aspects to Consider While Lighting a Residential Space

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22 Jul Main Aspects to Consider While Lighting a Residential Space

When it comes to creating stunning interior spaces in their homes, property owners pull out all the stops. They hire the best designers, choose the best materials and hire the best contractors for all the installations. While all these aspects are important, it’s also important to have the right kind of lighting. After all, you do want your home to look as stunning after dark, as it does during the day, don’t you?

However good lighting is never a matter of chance. It takes a great deal of planning and choosing the right fixtures and lighting systems and bulbs to ensure you are able to achieve the effect you want. Lighting has the potential to completely transform the look of your home and it can turn your house into a welcoming and comfortable home.

The things you should take into account while choosing lighting

Regardless of how well thought-out all the other details in your décor and interior design are; all your luxurious flooring, stunning wall coverings and superb furnishing won’t have the right impact if your lighting isn’t planned well. Here are some aspects you should consider while lighting any residential space:

#1 Identify your lighting goals

Every room will need a different type of lighting; and this will be dependent on the activities that take place in that room. Here are some pointers:

  • You would require some task lighting/direct lighting in spaces like your study or kitchen.
  • If you want to have much broader, generic lighting for a living room space, you would have to install ambient lighting. You should have this type of lighting for the front entry to your home as well.
  • The aspects to consider while determining your lighting goals are the mood that you want to set and the function that lighting has to serve.
  • When you are lighting the exterior of your home, take the security and safety factors into consideration.
  • You can use walls sconces on the exterior walls of your home. Since they throw directional light, they can be effectively used to highlight interesting architectural elements in your home.
  • For interior spaces, you would have to use multiple light sources in a single room- you can add table and floor lamps to different areas in the living room.
  • In bathroom areas, ensure that the mirror is free from glaring light as well as shadows.

#2 High-Ceiling Homes

If your home has high ceilings, you can use recessed lighting- these fixtures are inserted into ceilings and the fixture is fitted inside it. Adding dimmer switches to these directional lights allows you the flexibility to change the lighting effect from subtle to full-bright.

#3 Night lighting

It’s a good idea to add this in most rooms; it’s especially important that you have night lighting incorporated into kid’s rooms and nurseries. Table lamps and wall sconces are a good option for these spaces.

#4 Lighting for formal dining & living areas

Many people like to have chandeliers in these rooms. Choose these smartly and ensure that the one you opt for doesn’t date the space. If you have very elaborate and embellished interiors, a traditional, opulent chandelier might look stunning, but it will look completely out-of-place in a modern-styled home.

For the latter, you should opt for more minimalistic chandeliers that have simple designs with small and ornate crystals to throw more light. No matter what type of décor you have, it’s important that you measure-out the entire space as well as the ceiling height in every room before you order pendant lights or chandeliers, and ensure there’s sufficient head room under these fixtures.

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