Reasons Why You Should Opt for CBUS/Smart Lighting

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05 Aug Reasons Why You Should Opt for CBUS/Smart Lighting

Lighting technology around the world has come a long way from what it was a decade ago and many residential and commercial property owners are now opting for CBUS/Smart Lighting. This is essentially a microprocessor-based wiring system that controls the lighting on your property and the electrical appliances or devices you have there.

These controls can be used to switch on or off lighting circuits; they can also be used to switch off and on analogue-type controls such as the dimming of electronic fluorescent ballasts. A smart lighting system is able to control & automate almost any kind of electrical load. The system has an in-built microprocessor which ensures the operation of the system will be reliable.

Each device can be programmed individually through a PC-based software (point & click) or even via the “learn mode” that doesn’t need a PC at all. The information this system holds, lies within individual units and not one central point. While regular CBUS operation doesn’t really require a computer, the PC-based system provides added flexibility to those who require this control and is suitable for a broad range of applications such as:

Commercial lighting control

  • High-bay control for warehouses – this provides significant energy cost saving.
  • Fluorescent lighting control (scheduling or day light harvesting) – this helps save costs in high-rise buildings
  • Mood lighting in retail outlets and restaurants
  • Integrated and flexible lighting control of lighting. This can also be used to control audio Visual equipment in board rooms
  • Specialised architectural lighting control for museums, ballrooms, art galleries and hotel foyers

Residential automation applications

  • Security – Integrated lighting, security as well as various electrical services
  • Home entertainment – Integrated light and audio visual control
  • Comfort – mood lighting and dimming
  • Convenience – Central point control via touch screens, multiple point control and time-based automated controls

Benefits of CBUS systems

  • These systems improve the functionality and usability of your property.
  • They offer convenience as you are able to control various lighting systems and equipment via your PC.
  • When you integrate your security system in the CBUS system, you have peace of mind that your property is secure.
  • Operates lighting & electrical devices and they potentially reduce power consumption. This makes the system efficient and smart.
  • When you choose to have these installations on your property, it significantly improves the ambience of your home and you can set the mood lighting as you please. For instance, you can easily dim the lights with just the touch of a button or switch on your favourite music without getting up from the couch. All these aspects provide an outstanding relaxation experience.

The safety factor

Regardless of whether you are a commercial or residential property owner, you want to ensure your property is secure and sound. When you choose to get this system installed and integrate your security system into it, it provides you a higher level of security.

No matter whether you are out on a holiday or at work, your smart home system will ensure you get all the security information about your property. You can also set the lighting settings in such a way that the lights can get periodically turned on & off; this gives the impression that there’s someone at home.


Since the electrical and lighting systems on your property are cleverly operated by the CBUS system, it helps reduce power consumption; it does this by preventing your air-conditioning and lighting systems from staying on for much longer than required. These features make your property energy-efficient and smart at the same time.

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