Reasons Why Your Home Needs Operational Smoke Detectors

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30 Sep Reasons Why Your Home Needs Operational Smoke Detectors

Each year there are in excess of 50 fatalities that are caused by preventable house fires in our country, which is an extremely startling statistic. This is especially true since these fires could have easily been prevented from spreading if there had been an operational smoke detector on the property.

Having these installed on every storey in your home or commercial property is one way to ensure the response to a fire emergency, is quicker. In many instances, this can actually help save lives and property. Here are some basic facts about smoke detector installations:

  • Since 1997, it’s the law for all newly constructed homes to have a minimum of one smoke detector to actually be hard-wired into the property’s main supply. In fact this rule is applicable also for older homes in which a significant amount of renovation work has been done.
  • In 2009, this law was amended; the current requirement is that all homes should have a mains-powered smoke detector, before they are sold; in case of a rental property, the structure should have a smoke detector before any new tenant moves into the rental building.

What exactly is a smoke detector?

The best way to ensure that your property and family are safe from a fire is to make sure that the fire gets detected early. A smoke detector is a device that’s specifically designed to quickly alert those on the property, about the presence of smoke. Typically, these could be attached either to the ceiling or a wall. These are battery-powered devices that have to be replaced on a regular basis. You also have the option to hardwire a smoke detector into the main electrical system on the property.

Types of smoke detectors

There are 2 main varieties of smoke detectors:

Photoelectric smoke detectors

The first type is the photoelectric one that has a light – this light gets altered in the presence of smoke which in turn, activates the alarm. This kind of alarm is always quick in detecting whether the smoke is originating from a fire that’s slowly smouldering, or from a much cooler one.

Ionisation smoke detectors

This type of installation essentially has an integrated ionisation chamber which has very small amounts of a radioactive material which is able to quickly identify smoke. This kind of a smoke detector is far more effective at quickly detecting the hotter fires (when there are flames). This smoke detector emits a very small amount of radiation and doesn’t pose any danger to health.

Design a proper plan for a family emergency evacuation

Regardless of whether you have hardwired or battery-powered smoke detectors, it’s important to have at least one on each floor on your property. In addition to this, you should also design a detailed, yet simple emergency evacuation plan. Make sure that all the members of your family understand what has to be done in case an emergency situation arises and they hear the beeping of any smoke detectors in the home.

Call the electrical experts

If you live anywhere in or around Sydney, and are planning on getting smoke detectors installed on your property, you should identify a certified, skilled, insured and reputed company to handle the job for you,.

For more information, simply speak with the experts at Allround Electrical and take their advice on various aspects of power factor installation solutions. The number to call is – 1300 169 263. You can also write to us at this email address. We can handle all types of smoke detector installations and all other electrical jobs too.

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