Tips to Protect your Residence against Sudden Power Surges

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07 Oct Tips to Protect your Residence against Sudden Power Surges

Most people have dealt with a power cut at some time or the other. There could be a very bad storm or lightning could strike and the power could get cut; but it also returns quite quickly. However, you might switch on the computer and notice it has stopped working.

This is caused when lightning hits a power line which results in a sudden surge on the electrical pressure that overloads the electronic circuitry. It’s true that lightning strikes cause power surges; even everyday appliances in our homes can cause power surges every time they are switched.

Over time, these seemingly small surges can cause a lot of damage to your property; and they slowly reduce the lifespan of your refrigerator, computer or air-conditioner or any other appliance that’s plugged into a power outlet or any that’s been hardwired into the electrical system in your home. The one way to protect your property from damage is to learn more about what power surges are.

Power surges – how is the damage caused?

Across Australia, the basic electrical voltage for residences is 230V + 10% up to – 6%. The load vibrations are taken into account in this particular range, as the appliances quickly cut in & out. In case the voltage increases above the working range of the appliance, it can result in arcing in the appliance.

These arcs generate heat, and these results in damage to the electrical components within the appliance. This type of damage is cumulative and the appliances are still able to function normally, till the point the damage becomes so excessive that your PC or TV just stops working for no apparent reason.

The best way to protect your property

For all plug-and-play appliances like your TV and PC, you can connect them to a point-of-surge protector, and that becomes a very easy solution. This particular system is very much like a standard power board. You simply have to plug in the appliances that have to be protected, into the device. This device doesn’t suppress/arrest the surge; it redirects that surge straight into the ground. If you have to protect only a single appliance and a point-of-use protector doesn’t fit, then it’s possible to get a special outlet with the built-in protection installed.

The detailed approach

Even as the point-of-use devices protect various appliances which are typically plugged into any power outlet, you would have to get another device to protect those items which are hardwired into the electrical system of your home, including the lights and air-conditioners. These devices can be easily complemented by an electrical panel surge protector.

If it’s installed inside the mains, it will level out the fluctuations and power spikes; or it might also stop them well before they reach the devices. When a mix of electrical panel surge protection and point of use protection are used, it helps provide your equipment and devices from very powerful voltage spikes.

Cost-effective, customised solutions

If you have consistently experienced any power surge issues in the past or if you want to just protect your property against the probability of surges, you only have to call us and speak with our experts. They will provide you with all the information and guidance you need and will ensure that you get the kind of solutions that work perfectly for you.

For more information, simply speak with the experts at Allround Electrical and take their advice on various aspects of CBUS installations. The number to call is – 1300 169 263. You can also write to us at this email address.

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