Today, many property owners opt for home automation systems. This is the “Internet of Things” and the manner in which various appliances, devices, and installations in your home are networked together; it provides you efficient control over various aspects of your home.

In terms of simple appliance control and lighting, this concept has been around for decades. It’s only in the recent years that there has been a sea change in this technology and you can now opt for systems that allow you complete control of your home from any remote location. Using home automation, you are able to control how a particular device will react, and why and when it should react.

Once the system has been installed, you only need to set the schedule. The rest of it is all automated and will be based on your personal preferences. This is why home automation can alert you about the events that you may want to immediately be aware of, such as unexpected access to your home, water leaks etc. All you have to do is grab your Android device or iPhone or any other remote control and alter the settings in your home. If this isn’t convenience, what is?


Let’s take a closer look at what the benefits of home automation systems are:

#1 Convenience

You are able to automate and control almost every single appliance and device in your home, regardless of where you are. You don’t really have to worry about getting up from your comfortable couch to dim the lights, draw the curtains or adjust the temperature of the room you are in, or in any other room of your house. You would be able to adjust the temperature in all the rooms in your house, just with the touch of a button on your phone.

#2 Safety

Your CCTV cameras can be connected to the automation systems and in case there is any trespasser on your property, you would be immediately alerted to it. Your water sensors could be connected as well and you would immediately know if there was a leak, even if you aren’t at home; this gives you the chance to react and safeguard your home very effectively.

#3 Energy saving

Home automation can help you switch on and off lights and sprinklers etc. when you want to, even when you aren’t actually at home. You can also switch on the air conditioning or water heater a few minutes before you are slated to reach home, and that helps save energy too as you wouldn’t have to keep the hot water system running all day. This kind of functionality helps you save on your utility bills.

#4 The fun factor

When you have a home automation system installed on your property, you know you are using the latest technology. While the working of these systems is quite complex, the systems themselves are very user-friendly and this makes for a fun experience. You will find yourself impressing your guests with the various features of the system and enjoy using the automated systems.


If you are considering getting home automation products installed on your property, you would need to hire the services of a skilled and knowledgeable electrical company that will be able to understand your requirements and provide custom solutions. We at AllRound Electrical can provide you the solutions you need at extremely cost-effective pricing. Our experts will work closely with you and provide applications such as automated:

  • Air-conditioning
  • Doors
  • Fans
  • Lighting
  • Motors
  • Security systems
  • Swimming pools
  • Ventilation

In addition to home automation, we can handle all other electrical requirements you may have. For more information, simply speak with the experts at AllRound Electrical and take their advice on various aspects of home automation installation solutions. The number to call is – 1300 169 263. You can also write to us at this email address.

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