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outdoor lighting installations

11 Nov Learn More about Outdoor Lighting Installations

The outdoor spaces on your property become the perfect spots to spend leisurely moments with your family and entertain friends. In fact, if these areas are planned and installed well, they become an extension of your home. Well-designed spaces allow you to use these areas comfortably during the daytime; however, the only way you would be able to use them optimally after dark, is if you get the right kind of outdoor lighting fixtures installed in your landscaping.

Many homeowners feel that installing a few floodlights in different spots on the property is sufficient in terms of outdoor lighting. However, this kind of illumination is never enough. In fact, there are times when floodlights can mar the beauty of your home and its immediate surroundings; they may end up highlighting some of the unflattering features of your property as well.

Why is outdoor lighting important?

The one way to overcome this problem is to hire the services of expert outdoor lighting electricians to handle the job for you. They will understand what your specific requirements and preferences are and will survey the outdoor areas on your property. They will also identify which features you want to highlight and which you prefer to keep in the background. Once they have all this information, they will provide outdoor lighting options and quotes.

A good and knowledgeable electrician will always focus on providing low-maintenance, energy-efficient and cost-effective landscape lighting solutions. While outdoor lighting jobs are typically a part and parcel of landscaping jobs, many homeowners feel the need to upgrade their existing lighting installations to modern energy-efficient LED lights.

Which lights will work best for your landscaping – Some Pointers

  • When it comes to energy-efficient lighting, you can choose to get LED lights or Solar powered outdoor lights installed
  • You also have the option to use a combination of both types of lighting, for the best effect and cost benefits. This decision would depend on where these lights are going to be positioned, the amount of exposure they have to direct sunlight and how often you are going to be using them.
  • LED bulbs and fixtures are 80% more energy-efficient than standard lighting solutions. They can provide up to 50,000 hours of light and this also makes them a very low maintenance option.
  • The other notable advantage of LED lighting is that these bulbs throw “cool light”; they help maintain a more comfortable outdoor temperature in your immediate surroundings and don’t harm the plants, trees and shrubs planted there.
  • Solar pavers, lamp posts and pathway lights can be used in areas that get a sufficient amount of direct sunlight.
  • The other method of making your outdoor lighting more energy-efficient is to get motion sensors installed; these are security lighting features that can be set as per your requirement; they get switched on only when they detect any motion within a certain range.


Since there are a number of technicalities and aspects that have to be taken into consideration while planning outdoor lighting, it’s important that you consult an expert outdoor electrician who will provide you all the information you need; this helps you make a more well-informed decision.

Regular outdoor lighting maintenance is important

It’s also a good idea to opt for outdoor lighting maintenance plans. As part of these plans the electricians will come over to your property and inspect all the outdoor lighting installations and fixtures. They will check whether there is any wear & tear in the electrical wiring insulation, the grounding and all the fixtures too.

Regardless of how you look at it, the right kind of outdoor illumination provides a number of benefits. It enhances the security aspect of your property AND adds to its aesthetics. When you have a well-lit garden and yard, you are more encouraged to use these spaces and this increases your return on investment.

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