The electrical installations on your property are largely out of sight and it’s why their maintenance gets sidelined. Over time these systems suffer a certain amount of wear and tear; when that happens, it impacts the appliances and equipment that operate on those circuits. Eventually, you will find yourself dealing with electrical emergencies more frequently than you would like to.

The best way to avoid these problems is to hire the services of a skilled electrician for regular electrical maintenance. Once you have identified a good company for the job and opted for an annual maintenance contract, they will come over to your premises and conduct a thorough inspection of all the electrical installations and fixtures. They will check everything from the main switchboards with the circuit breakers, the electrical wiring as well as the actual powerpoints.


They will use the latest inspection equipment in their work and look for signs of damage or wear & tear. Not many property owners consider electrical maintenance to be an essential service. However, there are a number of benefits to getting this done on a regular basis:

  • If the electricians notice any minor problems or potential ones, they will attend to them without a delay. This can prevent electrocution and electrical fires from erupting.
  • When you get minor faults in the electrical installations fixed in time, it helps you save on more expensive repairs down the line.
  • If you have an older property, ensuring that your electrical wiring is up-to-date is one way of keeping your insurance premiums down.
  • When you have well-maintained electrical systems, you will find that your electrical appliances will function more efficiently and they will last longer too; this saves you money on repairs and replacements.


The best way to keep your overall electrical maintenance costs low is to look after the electrical systems on your property. There are different things you can do to keep problems at bay, such as:

  • Ensure that there is proper ventilation around the appliances in your home.
  • Keep all the appliances clean.
  • Do not use a single powerpoint for multiple plugs.
  • Don’t use an extension cord to connect heavy equipment.
  • Always check the manufacturer’s instructions before using new electrical appliances in your home.
  • Use appropriate bulbs in the light fixtures.


When you opt for regular electrical maintenance, you won’t really have to face sudden problems with wiring or fixtures. However, if you do notice that something isn’t working the way it is meant to, never delay in calling in an electrician to conduct a thorough check on the system. The different signs that something may be wrong with the electrical installations in your home are:

  • Flickering lights
  • Very dim lights
  • Burning smells coming from a power point
  • You find that the appliances in your home are hot to the touch
  • The circuit breakers trip too frequently
  • Electric shock when you touch an appliance
  • Discoloration of powerpoints
  • Arcing (buzzing sounds) coming from powerpoints/electrical outlets


If you have noticed any of these signs in your home, you should call your local residential electrician without delay. We at All Round Electrical are one of the leading companies in this space and provide customised and cost-effective electrical services.

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