Many homeowners are DIY enthusiasts and like to tackle various jobs around their home. It’s okay to handle small carpentry tasks, furniture finishing, garden maintenance, indoor and outdoor painting and other repair tasks as a weekend project. It gives you a sense of achievement that you have completed these small jobs on your own. In fact, this can also save you a tidy sum on getting professionals to handle the job for you.

Some people just hone their DIY skills by trying their hand at different projects in their home, while others put in a more concerted effort and take classes to learn more complicated skills required for a particular task. With easy access to the Internet, it’s not uncommon to find many people learning different DIY techniques by watching tutorials online.


However, it’s never a good idea to tackle any electrical repairs on your own. Let’s take a look at why:

  • Firstly, it’s illegal to carry out any electrical work by yourself, unless you have a license. This means you risk being fined/prosecuted when you try to handle this job yourself.
  • Improper techniques can also result in electrocution; and in some cases, it can result in a fatality as well.
  • Not many people are aware that a number of electrical fires are caused by people that have tried their hand at fixing electrical issues on their property. This means when you do any DIY electrical jobs, you put at risk the lives of those who live/work on your property.
  • An electrical fire that’s a result of DIY repairs can also result in significant damage to your property.
  • If you have any illegal wiring on your property, it can impact your property insurance cover.

Those who have no training and certification to handle electrical jobs aren’t aware of many basic things such as:

  • Wearing rubber soled shoes while doing any electrical work doesn’t negate the risk of electric shock.
  • When power tools are being used to tackle any yard or garden electrical jobs, it’s important that the extension cords being used be designed specifically for outdoor use.
  • Wooden broom handles should never be used to move fallen power lines.
  • Even when you are wearing rubber gloves & rubber boots, it can be extremely dangerous to try and move debris from power lines that have collapsed.

These may seem like very simple things, but a novice many not be aware of them. This is exactly why it becomes important to hire the services of a licensed, insured and experienced electrician to handle all the electrical jobs on your commercial or residential property. They will ensure that all the work is carried out legally and safely, without any kind of compromises. This also ensures your home insurance isn’t compromised in any way.


AllRound Electricals is a very reputed and well-established company that handles all types of commercial and residential electrical jobs. On board our team are experienced professionals that fully understand all the technicalities of handling electrical jobs. They wear the appropriate protective clothing and have the right kind of tools to carry out the job in a safe manner.

We handle small and big jobs with the same level of dedication and expertise and always look to provide our customers value for money. Regardless of whether you want to get an electrical fixture installed or need complete rewiring done on your property, we are the professionals to hire. For any information about our services, feel free to call us at 1300 169 263. You can also write to us at this email address.

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