Situations in Which You Should Call Your Local Residential Electrician

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06 Jan Situations in Which You Should Call Your Local Residential Electrician

When it comes to electrical tasks in yousitur home, it’s never a good idea to turn them into a DIY project. Electricity is a very necessary and useful utility, but can be extremely dangerous too and it’s crucial that you call in a certified, skilled and insured electrician to handle the job for you. Look for a professional and reputed company that provides 24/7 services and keep their number easily accessible at all times; this will ensure you get prompt services exactly when you need them. Here we discuss in which situations you should call in an emergency electrician to tackle the job for you:

When to call your local residential electrician

#1 Exposed Wiring

This is extremely dangerous and you should immediately turn-off the circuit breaker that you feel is connected to that wire. Do not try to repair this yourself as there could be a chance that the circuit breaker you turned off isn’t connected to that particular room wire at all and this exposes you to the risk of electrocution.

#2 Wires in flooded areas or in pooling water

This is a situation you shouldn’t take lightly at all. It’s important that you keep all your family members and pets away from that room and switch off the circuit breaker you think is connected to that wiring line. If you have any water pooling, puddling or accumulated (as in a flood situation), call in a skilled electrician to check all the wiring and address the problem without delay, as this is a major electrocution risk.

#3 Power outage

It’s not often that a home will lose power completely, while there is no similar problem in the neighbourhood. However, if the power does go out only in your home, quickly check with your neighbours and check whether the street lights have also lost power. If everything seems to be alright there, you may have a major electrical problem on your hands.

#4 Any other situation where you feel there might be an electrical problem

  • There are times when you hear arcing (hissing, whizzing and humming sounds), coming from power points, wiring or some electrical installations. This is generally an indication that there is something wrong with the installation. The insulation around the wiring may have deteriorated or melted, there may be some loose electrical connections in the plug points or some other issue.
  • There are times when you find that lights in only one part of the house are flickering.
  • You feel that there is a fluctuation in the current.

In all these situations, do not try to find out what the problem is; call in a licensed, local electrician to inspect the wiring and other electrical fittings and fix the problem. The point we are trying to make here is that if you in any way feel that an electrical installation or appliance is unsafe, call in an electrician without delay.

Preventive Electrical Maintenance

The one way to reduce the chances of an electrical problem from occurring is to get regular electrical maintenance done. The company you hire for the job will send out skilled professionals at pre-decided schedules to conduct a thorough check on the wiring. In case any potential problems are noticed, you will be informed about them and they will be addressed without delay. This reduces the chances of major electrical problems surfacing out of the blue.

We at Allround Electricals will check the system carefully and check it for any other potential faults as well. For more information, contact our friendly team at this number – 1300 169 263. You can also write to us at this email address.

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