Changes that Require You Call in an Electrician to Inspect the Electrical System

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20 Jan Changes that Require You Call in an Electrician to Inspect the Electrical System

Electrical jobs should never be turned into a DIY project, unless you have formal training and experience in the field. While electricity is extremely useful and necessary, if it isn’t handled correctly, it can be pretty dangerous too. If you get a novice to handle the job for you that can result in overloaded circuits, poor wiring connections or even faulty grounding, which can be extremely dangerous to you and your family and result in a fire outbreak as well. Here are some common services for which you would need to call in an electrician:

Changes that require an Electrician

#1 Circuit breaker upgrades

The main electrical panels provide electricity to your entire house. If you have older panels with fuses and older wiring, those may not be able to bear the load of any new appliances you decide to install on your property. The latest electrical appliances tend to add heavy loads on the system and your older wiring installations won’t be able to support those loads. If you are getting new appliances, call in a licensed electrician to test and inspect the wiring and circuit breakers on your property.

#2 Addition of USB ports, GFCI receptacles and outlets

If you need any new outlets installed or need existing ones converted to USB ports, you would have to call in an electrician for the job. Oftentimes, electrical codes necessitate that a minimum of 1 outlet in your kitchen and bathroom be a GFCI outlet. These are specifically designed to shut off the power in case there is an imbalance in electricity or if water comes in contact with any of the electrical equipment or fittings; this helps in preventing shock in these areas.

It’s important that there be proper grounding as lack of it can result in power loss or a fire. Aside from this, if you require any additional outlets, your electrician will be able to install those for you as well. Installing additional outlets requires replacing a segment of the wiring and cutting into the walls, and this is something you should never do on your own. Many new electrical gadgets come with USB charging systems and you can get the local electrician to replace some of the standard ones with the USB ports, if required.

#3 Outdoor lighting

There are times when homeowners feel that the outdoor spaces on their property can do with better illumination. If you want new security or ambient lighting installations, you should just call in the electrician. He will extend the wiring to the outdoor spaces and ensure that it has the proper grounding as well. They will provide advice on which electrical fixtures would work best in an outdoor setting.

#4 Replacing lighting fixtures

This may seem like an easy job, but it’s best to get a professional electrician to handle this for you as well. The electrician will check whether the amperage is sufficiently high to support the wattage of the new light fitting. If it is lower than that, the electrician will have to extend an additional wire from the main circuit breaker.

Some other electrical jobs

Aside from this, even things like fitting powerpoint covers and replacing light switches is something that only a certified and licensed electrician should handle. They will take all the necessary precautions while doing any kind of electrical work on your property.

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