If you are planning to start working out of home, it’s crucial that you have a designated work space. The best way to create a home office work area that’s productive and functional is to update your home office wiring. Turning that spare bedroom or a new room over the garage or even an extension into a home office is something that you would have to plan well.

Even the simplest of work spaces have some or the other electrical equipment and appliances and you would need appropriate electrical wiring, powerpoints, and circuits and plug points etc. for it. Aside from this, you would require Internet connectivity as well. Most homes have Wi-Fi, and even if all your office equipment like the PC, printers, scanners, phones and tablets are Wi-Fi enabled, it’s best to have a hardwired Ethernet connection in your home office.

That increases the reliability of the service and you won’t be inconvenienced due to an erratic Internet connection. While it may seem like a very simple job, the fact is that installing home office wiring isn’t an easy job and has to be done with care.


  • The circuits will have to be checked and tested to identify whether they would be able to bear the additional load.
  • If you live in an older home structure that also has wiring that’s over 15 years old, it’s best to get the wiring checked. Older wires can deteriorate over time. Apart from that, the older circuits may not have new style circuit breakers and the fuses can pose a problem. This means the main panel would have to be replaced as would the fuses.
  • The other aspect to keep in view is that when you are planning your office space, you would need electrical points at certain spots like near your study table etc. If the powerpoints and plug points are far away from the where the equipment is going to be used/placed, you will end up using extension cords. These cords can prove to be an electrical hazard; manufacturers of various electrical equipment always suggest that you don’t use extension cords to plug in your computer, printer etc. that can result in an overload and has the potential to lead to a fire.
  • The electricians will also make sure that all the electrical wiring is grounded well. That helps prevent power surges and fires.
  • Aside from having a very reliable internet connection, your home office also requires the right kind of lighting. A well illuminated workspace increases your productivity and creates a cheery and comfortable atmosphere.
  • Skilled electricians will design lighting that maximizes the natural light which helps create a great home office space.


As you can see, setting up a home office requires planning and you need to get a good electrician to provide the right electrical system solutions. They will come to your property, survey the space and then provide recommendations and solutions based on discussions they have had with you.

Once you approve the quote, they will then ensure the work is completed on time in the best possible way. They will also ensure that good quality materials are used and that the workmanship is of the best quality.

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