Why You Should Get Surge Protection For Your Entire Home

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03 Feb Why You Should Get Surge Protection For Your Entire Home

Surge protection is part and parcel of every electrical system and many devices such as HDTV’s and computers are plugged into surge protection devices. However, it’s not necessary to have individual devices to protect the different appliances or equipment in your home. It’s possible to get a centralised surge system installed into your property’s main electrical panel; this turns your home into a single large surge protector.

This kind of a system offers a significant amount of convenience. Most homes nowadays have a large number of appliances and equipment ranging from washing machines, dishwashers, electric stoves, ovens, refrigerators, HVAC systems, home PCs, printers, scanners, pool equipment, hot water systems, outdoor lighting, irrigation system, home entertainment and music system and more.

Centralised Surge Protector

Based on the number of equipment and appliances you want to protect, a centralised surge protector can be much more affordable than just getting individual surge protectors installed. This also extends protection to all the other larger appliances in your home, that don’t already have any surge protection adapters. The different types of surges that can occur are:

  • Lightning strikes can occur when there is a thunderstorm.
  • If any natural calamity like a storm knocks out the electricity in your home, there will be a major surge of power through the entire system as soon as the power is restored as well.
  • In fact, this kind of surge may also take place if the power gets restored via your home’s backup generator.

The long and short of it is that surges can occur at any point of time and this is what makes it important to have a centralised system that will provide protection to all the equipment and appliances in your home.

Why Prioritise Surge Protection?

If you notice the lights in your home flickering, that is generally caused by an electrical surge. Typically, these types of surges won’t burn out your appliances and devices, but they do have a negative impact on the longevity of this equipment. When it comes to getting surge protectors installed, the high-cost of the damage caused by electrical surges to our electronic equipment and appliances should be the topmost priority.

Current day home appliances such as ovens, dishwashers, refrigerators etc. are becoming increasingly sophisticated and operate on smart technology. They have a large number of closely intertwined, sensitive components; an imbalance or impact to one of them has the potential to impact the rest of the components too. This holds true for larger systems such as the hot water and HVAC systems too.

Even when these systems aren’t being used, major electrical surges can cause heavy damage to them and will shave years off of their operational lives. Without you realising it, this can result in thousands of dollars of losses in the duration you live in that home. In some cases, a massive power surge can cause irreversible damage to your HVAC or hot water system, and replacement becomes the only option you are left with.

Custom-Designed Surge Protection Systems

Keeping all these aspects in view, it becomes extremely important to ensure that you have a high-grade, reliable surge protection system installed in your home. We at Allround Electrical can provide excellent electrical upgrade maintenance solutions to commercial and residential customers.

We will survey the space, make note of all the equipment and appliances on your property and will provide solutions that are best-suited to your needs. For more information, contact our friendly team at this number – 1300 169 263. Alternatively, you can also write to us at this email address.

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