The electrical system in your home will function well and stay in a good condition only when it is maintained well and has the right installations; and safety should be your priority. If the wiring on your property isn’t connected well or of the materials and installations are of a poor quality that can result in a dangerous situation.

An in one room in the house can quickly rip through the rest of your property at alarming speed. Not only will this cause a lot of destruction to your property and belongings, but can pose a threat to the lives of you and your family members. There are a number of faults and problems in electrical systems that can lead to a fire outbreak however; arcing is one of the most common causes.

An electrical arc is when the current moves from one conductor to another via an unplanned path; this can potentially cause a fire either in the insulation or wooden elements along that path. The good news is that it is possible to avoid this from happening by installing AFCIs (arc fault circuit interrupters) to protect your property against electrical arcing.


Electrical fires are more common than people believe them to be, and they can result in human deaths and cause significant damage to property. Any measures you take to prevent this from occurring are definitely dollars well spent. It’s true that circuit breakers automatically shut down a particular circuit in case they detect an overload or a short circuit there. However, they aren’t built to detect most electrical arcing and this is where an AFCI is different.

An AFCI monitors the current passing through circuits and it searches for any unusual activity that could be the sign of arcing. If any such problem is detected, the AFCI will instantaneously shut-down that circuit; this significantly reduces the chances of the arc starting a fire. It’s important to keep in view that some electrical equipment and appliances intentionally create arcs (in a safe way). The device should be able to recognise these and shut down the circuit only if the arcing condition is dangerous.


New local building codes almost always require that your property include AFCIs for any circuits that lead to bedroom spaces. An experienced and licensed electrician will be aware of all the local codes with reference to AFCI installations and will advise you on what kind of electrical safety devices are required to be installed in your home. Electrical installations in older homes don’t have AFCIs or even circuit breakers installed; and it’s important that you get your local electrician to update the system and install new circuit breakers and electrical safety devices.


If you aren’t too sure about whether AFCIs are installed in your home, simply check inside the main electrical panel on your property. The circuits that have this capability will generally have either a green/yellow label on them. If you can’t really figure out whether these devices are installed, hire an electrician to check the wiring installations and verify which safety measures have been included.

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