Electricity Saving Tips For the Hotter Months

electricity saving tips

19 May Electricity Saving Tips For the Hotter Months

As the summer temperatures soar, people are more inclined to stay indoors for the most part. This also means, they want the temperature in their homes to be cool and comfortable. While no one wants to compromise on the comfort factor by using their HVAC systems sparingly, they are eager to curb electricity costs.

This seems like a catch 22 situation; but there are some simple ways in which you can maintain cooling in your home, and save on electricity too:

Energy saving tips

#1 Get oscillating and ceiling fans installed

Instead of setting the air conditioning at a very low temperature, use ceiling fans or oscillating fans in conjunction with the AC system. You can set the air conditioner to a higher temperature as that will help maintain cooling in the room; the ceiling fan helps keep you cool as it aids in air circulation; you end up saving money as your ac doesn’t have to operate on a lower temperature.

#2 Opt for energy-efficient appliances

When you are purchasing appliances, devices or lighting fixtures, opt for ones that have a high energy rating. This will ensure you save a significant amount of money on your utility bills.

#3 Turn off electronics once you are done using them

It’s very common for us to keep mobile chargers, power strips and other appliances such as microwave ovens etc. switched on, even when we are done using them. It’s best to turn these off instead as that too helps in reducing your electricity expenses in the summer time. Any savings you make in this way help absorb the increase in cooling costs, that’s bound to happen in the summer time.

#4 Get your AC unit serviced regularly

The AC filters should be replaced with regularity and the entire system maintenance should be done as per schedules recommended by the manufacturer. In most instances, a monthly check helps ensure that the unit is operating efficiently.

#5 Be conscious about operating the thermostat

Operate and set the thermostat as per the outdoor temperatures. If your home is empty, you should turn up the system as the house wouldn’t require cooling.

#6 Draw the shades and roll down blinds

The natural sunlight that streams in through the large glass windows and doors in your home also brings in a certain amount of heat. Use UV protective tint on the glass panels and draw the shades and curtains from inside. While this will make the indoor spaces darker, it can help reduce the stress and strain on your HVAC system, which in turn reduces utility costs. You should also shut the doors and vents of rooms that aren’t being used.

#7 Don’t use the dryer in the summer

When the sun is shining bright, there is no reason to continue using the dryer; hang your laundry out in the open. Dyers are energy-guzzlers and you can easily eliminate this expense in the summertime when the climate is perfect for drying laundry outdoors.

When the summer months bring in the sweltering heat, you would want to keep your home cool without having to pay prohibitively high energy bills. The points we discussed above will help you reduce these costs to a certain degree. These simple things followed with regularity can go a long way in helping you cut down on your utility bills.

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