How AFCI Breaker Circuit Installations Can Help Prevent an Electrical Fire

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14 Jul How AFCI Breaker Circuit Installations Can Help Prevent an Electrical Fire

There are numerous different ways in which an electrical fire can break out in the home and a number of ways to prevent it as well. Today, you will find there are a large number of electrical system protection devices on the market and this can make it a little difficult to decide which one will work best for your setting.

One effective installation you can use to prevent electrical fires in your home is an AFCI (arc-fault circuit interrupter); this can help prevent short circuits and damage to the circuits in your house. Let’s take a look at how AFCIs can help prevent an electrical fire.

Understanding what an arc fault is

An arc fault occurs when electricity leaves a circuit and its current travels to another pathway; and this happens when wires are broken, cracked or cut. When the wires become exposed, the electricity within can travel out into the objects that are in contact with the wires. When electricity comes in contact, it heats the object and can result in a fire. In case there is arcing in your home the surrounding materials such as insulation and wood can easily catch fire. An arcing fire can cause a significant amount of damage even before the smoke detector is able to detect it and sound the alarm.

AFCI – What exactly is it?

AFCIs or arc-fault circuit interrupters can be installed on circuit breakers & receptacles to shut off the electricity-flow when they detect the potential of arcing. Because arcing is a sudden surge of power, the traditional circuit breakers may not quickly shut off before these occur; but AFCIs are specifically designed to prevent overloads and short circuits.

A sudden surge of power in your home’s electrical system can occur when appliances & devices such as light switches a vacuum cleaner or washing machine are turned on. These are quite normal occurrences that will be detected by your ACFI installation and allowed. However, the latter also monitors the circuit for any form of dangerous arcing and it shuts-off the flow of electricity instantaneously when this occurs.

Don’t leave your property vulnerable

While most new builds in Australia have ACFIs installed, this hasn’t always been a requirement; and older homes will not necessarily have these devices. And so, if you live in an older home, that makes your property vulnerable to arcing caused by deteriorating wiring installations. Currently, it is pretty standard procedure to have ACFIs installed for all bedroom spaces.

Hire expert electricians

We are a company that has been operating in this space for a very long time and know how to provide solutions that work perfectly for our customers. Our expert and licensed electrician can inspect your system to ascertain whether there are AFCIs installed; the will also assess at which points your electrical system is very critical as these are the points at which AFCIs would be needed.

If you aren’t too sure about how these tools work, whether you actually need them and where they should be installed, call us with your requirement today. We have the knowledge, experience, skill and resources to provide the solutions you need at pricing that will fit perfectly into your budget. We provide custom solutions to residential and commercial clients across Sydney.

For any questions about any of our electrical services, you can consult with our experts and they will provide you the best advice and quotes for all your electrical installation needs. You can call us at 1300 169 263 or write to us at this email address and we will call back shortly.

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