Why You Should Hire a Professional Electrician For Bathroom Exhaust Fan Installation

bathroom exhaust fan installation

04 Aug Why You Should Hire a Professional Electrician For Bathroom Exhaust Fan Installation

All bathroom spaces have high levels of humidity and moisture and this is unavoidable. However, if the moisture is allowed to linger in the air for a very long time without being vented out of the space, it can result in mould and mildew growth on the grouting, the drywall structure as well as along the window ceilings and air conditioning ducts and can damage other aspects of your home’s structure as well.

In some cases, water damage may also occur which can become expensive to fix. That is why every bathroom in your home or commercial property should have an exhaust fan installation to suck out the moisture from the air and release it outside the structure. This may seem like an easy job and DIY enthusiasts sometimes feel, it’s a job they would be able to manage themselves.

But the fact is it’s never a good idea to play with electricity. Even something as seemingly simple as an exhaust fan installation can pose the risk of electrocution or death when handled incorrectly. The bathroom exhaust fan installation has to be handled with care, primarily due to the high moisture content interacting with the electricity that’s running through your exhaust fan.

Exhaust Fan Installation

When an exhaust fan is being installed in your bathroom space, you will be required to first install a vent feature that connects from the fan (in the roof of the bathroom) to the exterior of your home. It’s best to hire the services of an insured and skilled electrician for the job as the structure and the roof of your home may become damaged if not handled correctly. Once the exhaust fan is installed in your bathroom, it will pull in the air and push it out of the home. That’s how the moisture-laden air gets pushed out of the bathroom space.

Potential Electrical Hazards

This may appear to be a very basic electrical job that a local handyman would be able to tackle; however, if the wiring isn’t done properly, it can result in more damage to your bathroom than any actual moisture in the wall. An additional power point would have to be added to turn on and off your exhaust fan.

Handling electrical wiring isn’t something that everyone is knowledgeable about and comfortable with, and if your wiring is done haphazardly, that can result in an electrical fire. In addition, with the high levels of moisture that the space sees, if any of the wiring is exposed, the electricity can leak out of the insulation which can result in electrocution.

The best option is to hire expert and experienced electricians like the ones at All Round Electricals for your bathroom exhaust fan installation. We have the knowledge, licensing and the experience to handle every electrical job with the highest levels of expertise. The best materials are used and all our work is covered with iron-clad guarantees. This means you can rest assured the work will get done right, the first time around which will help keep your family and property safe from any electrical hazards.

If you have a bathroom/s on your property, that doesn’t have exhaust fans, plan to get these installed. We can help perform all the electrical work efficiently and safely so the space is ready for the fan installation.

For any questions about exhaust fan installation requirements or any of our electrical services, you can consult with our experts and they will provide you the best advice and quotes for all your electrical installation needs. You can call us at 1300 169 263 or write to us at this email address and we will call back shortly.

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