The Basics of Standby Emergency Generator Installations

standby emergency generator installations

11 Aug The Basics of Standby Emergency Generator Installations

While power surges can occur in certain areas in Sydney, we don’t really face too many power outages here. However, if and when a power outage occurs, it can throw the workings on your commercial or residential property out of gear.

One of the best ways to deal with this problem is to get a standby emergency generator installed on your property. This useful electrical system installation helps keep your home well-powered in case of an unforeseen power outage situation.

If you check on the market, you will find there are is a large variety of emergency power generator systems out there on the market and this can make it challenging for a layperson to identify which system will work for their setting and requirement. Here the experts at AllRound Electricals answer some important questions regarding standby power generators.

#1 How does a standby emergency generator function?

Standby emergency generators don’t require electricity to power the electrical appliances on your property. Most of these generators operate either on LPG or Natural Gas; this means, they aren’t impacted by power outages. When we install a generator on your property, its first main breaker is connected to your home’s load centre while the second one is connected to the emergency generator. The system’s panel is then connected to all the circuits for various critical electrical loads such as larger appliances (refrigerator, furnace, refrigerator, lights etc.), on your property.

#2 Do I really need a standby emergency generator?

Standby emergency generators can keep your home’s important large appliances powered when there are lengthy power outages. This system can keep your refrigerator running, reducing the likelihood of food spoilage. The generator can also power your property’s heat source and lights which are important during the cold winter months.

#3 What type of standby emergency generator would be suited for my property?

Determining which standby emergency generator would be suited for your home often depends on aspects such as the size of the structure and the number of appliances and devices that you want powered during an outage. It’s best to determine which of your appliances you absolutely need during a power outage. Once you’ve identified these pieces, our experts will help you determine which system will work best for your needs.

#4 What are the benefits of getting a standby emergency generator installed?

The key benefit of a standby emergency generator installation is the power they provide when there is an electrical outage. Depending on the duration of the power outage, it can be extremely uncomfortable, inconvenient, and expensive as well. A good generator will allow you to keep all of your important appliances powered and your family safe during an outage.

There are a number of things we would have to check before recommending which system will work for you and how and where it could be installed. We are the experts that provide customised solutions to both residential as well as commercial customers across Sydney.

It is important to ensure that your property is prepared for the power outages this winter. Call us for excellent and professional standby generator installation solutions. When you hire us for this or any other electrical work, you are assured of the best services at very competitive pricing.

For any questions about standby generator installation, or any of our electrical services, you can consult with our experts and they will provide you the best advice and quotes for all your electrical installation needs. You can call us at 1300 169 263 or write to us at this email address and we will call back shortly.

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