How To Save On Electricity Costs In Your Commercial Building

save commercial electricity costs

25 Aug How To Save On Electricity Costs In Your Commercial Building

Commercial buildings such as ones that house a large number of offices also consume a significant amount of electricity. Most businesses look for ways and means of saving electricity and making their premises more energy-efficient. There are numerous ways in which you can optimise energy-efficiency on your commercial premises.

For instance you can install high grade insulation, install energy-efficient windows and doors, get blinds, drapes and curtains; and use UV-resistant glass film on the window panes etc. While all of these are important aspects, it’s also very important that you incorporate some cost-saving electrical solutions for your commercial building, such as:

#1 Smart Lighting Solutions

Most people try various energy- saving methods in an effort to reduce their utility bills, but one of the simplest ways of lowering your energy usage is to make the most of natural light. This process of allowing the sun’s rays to light up indoor spaces is referred to as daylighting. It can help reduce your buildings energy requirements, while also improving the health & productivity of your employees.

If you do not have sufficient windows in your commercial property to light up the indoor spaces properly, you should consider replacing the traditional light bulbs with LED fittings. Nearly 50% of a commercial property’s electricity consumption comes for the electric lighting.

LED bulbs are an excellent option as they are 80% more energy-efficient than halogen and CFL bulbs. They emit cool light which helps reduce the indoor temperature within your commercial building; in turn, this reduces the load on your HVAC systems, and adds to their energy-efficiency.

#2 Upgrade your HVAC systems

More than 50% of the energy consumed in your commercial building is used on lighting and heating. Upgrading your HVAC systems with energy-rated ones can significantly reduce your energy-consumption, costs. Before you replace this system, evaluate your current heating &cooling needs. This ensures you will receive maximum performance and energy reductions as well as cost savings.

#3 PC power management

Power management steps can have a considerably huge impact on your energy savings because employees often use their PCs and peripherals for upwards of eight hours each day. Consider getting energy-efficient laptops for your employees, as these use 90 percent less energy compared to desktop computers. Not only will the laptops decrease your energy costs but will reduce CO2 emissions as well.

#4 Regular electrical maintenance

This is one aspect commercial property owners often fail to focus on. Regular upkeep and maintenance of all the electrical systems and installations on your property helps ensure that all the systems are in peak condition. The electricians will also check the wiring for faults or overloads which can escalate your energy bills.

If they find that the wiring at any particular area is unable to take the load of the equipment being used in that space, they will inform you about it and would be able to replace the wiring or systems as required. Equipment and appliances that aren’t functioning properly can consume excessive amounts of electricity and it’s important that you get all these features serviced and maintained at regular intervals.

It’s crucial that you get all your electrical installation, testing, repair and upgrade work done from an expert, licensed and experienced electrical contractor. For any questions about any of our electrical services, you can consult with our experts and they will provide you the best advice and quotes for all your electrical installation needs. You can call us at 1300 169 263 or write to us at this email address and we will call back shortly.

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