Tips To Get Your Spa Wiring and Installation Right

spa wiring and installation tips

01 Sep Tips To Get Your Spa Wiring and Installation Right

If you are considering getting a spa installed on your property, there are a number of aspects that need to be taken into account in order ensure that the feature is safe and functions properly. After all, a spa has a lot of water and moisture and electrical safety is something you can’t overlook in this space. Here are a few helpful spa wiring and installation tips:

Aspects to keep in view

#1 Permits

When you buy your new spa, you need to ensure that you have all the necessary permits required for the installation. Most local councils require special authorization for all exterior electrical circuits as well as for any new construction (in case you decide to build a shade structure to cover the spa). In addition, there may be some other requirements that you’ll have to follow, like positioning the spa in a specific location etc.

#2 Picking a proper foundation for your spa

When choosing a foundation for your spa feature, you should choose a place that will have proper drainage when it rains. If you are planning on installing your spa on an existing patio or deck, you should ensure the structure is solid enough to bear the weight of the water and the spa itself as well as the people that will use it. If you are planning on installing the feature on solid ground, make sure the spa is elevated on 100% foundation such as concrete and gravel.

#3 Spa Electrical Requirements

There are several different types of spa models you can choose from, and, while these may all be unique in styling and build, most spas are built to run at different usage and power levels. Here are a few points to keep in view:

  • The electrical specifications for your spa will depend on the model chosen. If you have a hard-wired spa that operates on 230V-240V, you need to have a manual disconnect situated at least 5 feet from the spa; it should be within line of sight so that proper spa safety can be maintained.
  • Ensure that the spa’s electrical system is appropriately wired and grounded, and that there is a GFCI cord attached to it.
  • In order to properly wire your 230V-240V spa, ensure that it’s plugged directly into a separate outlet to avoid an overload on the circuit.
  • If your spa doesn’t have an in-line GFCI cord, you would need to have at least a 15 amp GFCI-protected power point installed by a reliable, licensed electrician.
  • You should never use extension cords to plug in your spa.
  • The spa should always be installed a minimum of 25″ from any power line and at a minimum of 5′ feet away from any electrical cords.
  • Ensure that all the electrical components and the pump meets the local electrical safety requirements and that they are properly covered.
  • The power point should be of exterior grade and should have an earth leakage protection device (this isn’t required if your main switchboard already has one).
  • Your electrician would be able to advice you on the correct location of the spa in relation to the power point. But in most case, you can’t have the power point positioned closer than 1 meter to the spa in order to maintain electrical safety.

If your spa feature has to be hardwired, the electrician will have to make two trips. The first time around, he would complete all the initial electrical connection tasks and would then come in a second time to connect the wires after the spa has been delivered.

When you choose to get you spa’s electrical wiring and connections done by experts like the ones at AllRound Electricals, you can rest assured that your spa is 100% safe for use. For more information, call us at 1300 169 263 or write to us at this email address and we will call back shortly.

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