The Importance of Teaching Your Kids Basic Electrical Safety

electrical safety for kids

08 Sep The Importance of Teaching Your Kids Basic Electrical Safety

Most kids are extremely curious and want to know how things work and will also take items apart if they are able to; it’s no different when they are around electrical fittings, fixtures and appliances. If you have toddlers in your home, it’s best to get electrical safety fittings installed where there are powerpoints and electrical outlets. However, if you have slightly older kids, it’s important that you teach your kids some basic electrical safety; here are some tips you can keep in view:

Electrical safety is important

If you are concerned about your kids playing safely and without any accidents around electrical installations, fixtures and appliances either in the indoor and outdoor areas of your home or in the neighbouring areas, here are pointers you should go over with them:

  • Make it a point to ensure that all electrical cords are tucked along walls tidily; this will help prevent tripping accidents and will keep the cords away from inquisitive pets as well.
  • Don’t use extension cords as a permanent solution while using any electrical device like a computer etc.
  • Do not plug in multiple devices into one powerpoint; not only will that result in a load on the electrical system but can lead to a fire as well.
  • Never climb fences or boundary walls that are in the proximity of any electrical installations. If your ball or even your pet moves into any fenced area with electrical installations in it, do not attempt to go in there; get an adult to help you get them out.
  • Do not pull out electrical cords forcefully from an electrical outlet, as that will only cause damage to the device, appliance, plug and outlet.
  • When you fly kites, ensure you don’t fly them near overhead power lines or any substations in your areas as that can result in electrocution.
  • Whenever you want to use any device or appliance that operates on electricity, ask any grownup for help.
  • If you are climbing trees either in your locality or your own backyard, look out for overhead power lines; the branches can act as a conductor of electricity and you can get an electrical shock.
  • Don’t try to insert any objects (especially metal ones), into the toaster. If you find that the toasts have become stuck inside the toaster, call an adult.
  • Make sure that you don’t keep any electrical devices, games or appliances near any water sources
  • Stay at a safe distance from broken/fallen power lines
  • Stay away from outdoor power poles and don’t attempt to climb them.

Tips on how to child-proof your home

If your kids are always investigating things and are curious about everything around them, there are some things you can do to enhance the electrical safety in your home:

  • Secure all unused wall sockets with plastic inserts that can be easily pulled off & stuck in the mouth.
  • You can also block unused outlets with furniture.
  • Consider installing safety outlets that prevent your kids from inserting foreign objects into them.
  • When you are using any extension cords, make it a point to tuck them away behind some furniture; you can also use some sort of and hide-a-cord devices.
  • Keep all your electrical appliances and devices such as toasters, hair dryers and DVD etc. behind some type of barrier or out of reach on shelves.

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