Winter is on its last legs here in Sydney; but if you feel that your existing heating system didn’t function efficiently enough or if you found that in the past few months your bills were far higher than you expected them to be, you should get your heating system inspected.

Older systems that have reached the end of their useful life can consume much more energy than they should; this happens because they don’t have the efficiency levels they did earlier and the system has to strain to maintain the required temperature which causes it to pull in more power for operation. Many people defer getting their home’s heating system replaced because it represents a significant investment and isn’t like buying a small home appliance or gadget.

Sometimes homeowners compromise and purchase one of a lower quality because it costs less than top grade brands. But that’s never a good idea, because a poor quality electrical heating system will only wear out sooner or start to give trouble sooner than good quality equipment.


Buying a good quality heating system requires a certain amount of financial planning and budgeting. This is why you should start researching and budgeting now for a one.

This will help ensure you have one of a very high quality installed before the next winter. While there are a number of different heating systems on the market, you should consider getting an electrical one; an electrical heating system is truly a smart choice for your home, for several reasons:

#1 Eco-Friendly & Efficient

The system doesn’t require either gas or oil to function and there is absolutely no waste, output or combustion when the electricity is being converted to heat. Aside from this, electricity is a 100% renewable power source and its impact on the environment is far lower than standard oil or gas heaters. In addition, it requires lesser maintenance than the latter two systems. Even though the upfront cost of an electric heater may be higher than other systems, it becomes a cheaper alternative in the long term.

#2 Significant cost savings

An electric heater can save you a significant amount of money on heating costs each month. You can opt for zoned electrical heating systems, which give you greater control and you can turn the heat off in the less-frequented areas of your home. This is far more efficient as the heat is then targeted to the rooms that are used the most, and you are in full control; which results in better cost savings.

#3 Types of electric heaters
  • Electric Furnace – This system replaces a standard gas furnace and can heat your entire home. While gas furnaces can last for 20-25 years, a good quality electrical furnace can outlast these and its maintenance costs are lower as well; this translates into more cost savings over the life of your electric furnace.
  • Electric baseboard heaters – You may be aware of what these systems are. They are small boxes that are placed on the baseboard, just above the floor. These units are to be installed in the room that needs heating and you can control them individually. When heat is generated it rises to the top of that room, the cold air drops to the bottom of the space and is directed through the baseboard heater and outdoors.

If you are looking for an efficient and eco-friendly heating option for your home, electric heating is an excellent option for you.

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