Tips To Maintain Power Line Safety On Your Property

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06 Oct Tips To Maintain Power Line Safety On Your Property

The electrical installations are a basic requirement for powering all the electrical appliances and devices on your property and the city’s power lines carry the electricity to every residential and commercial property.

These are very high-powered lines and carry a strong current that can prove to be very dangerous if you don’t follow some basic safety measures and precautions. It’s crucial to exercise caution when working in the vicinity of power lines. Here are some tips to keep in view to maintain power line safety:

#1 Maintain a safe distance when working anywhere near power lines on your property

While many power lines are underground, some properties have overhead lines running across them or very close to them. Depending on the location of these overhead power lines around your home’s structure and its outdoor spaces, you may encounter certain situations where you are required to work near these features. Often times, trimming and pruning of trees and hedges will bring you within a very short distance of electrical poles and live wires.

If you are working anywhere in your landscape or have climbed a ladder to clean high-placed windows or even the roof and gutters, that can put you into harm’s way. Power lines carry very high electrical voltages and when you place yourself closer to these overhead lines, you may be putting yourself at risk of actually becoming the cause of an electrical arc.

If your ladder or pruning shears, electric handsaw come too close to overhead power lines, the electrical current flowing through them may jump towards the electrical device or metal ladder. This is because the metal objects act as conductors of electricity to travel towards the ground. This puts you at risk of electrical shock or can also burn your body.

When performing any DIY home maintenance or home improvement tasks in the vicinity of overhead power lines, be very conscious of your proximity to them and it’s best to stay at least three meters (10 feet) away from these installations.

When you are trimming trees, take extreme caution that the falling foliage and branches don’t come in contact with the power lines. Falling debris can cause stress or sparks on the wires that can result in an electrical fire.

#2 Stay at a safe distance from fallen power lines

In windy or stormy weather, the trees on your property might bend and break. In case large branches break or the tree collapses on power lines and disconnects it from adjacent poles, take extreme caution and stay a minimum of 10 meters away from them. The line is likely still active and will have a charge running through it. If you come across any downed power line, make sure that nobody moves into the vicinity of the lines and call emergency services immediately. Prompt action on your part can prevent serious injuries and even loss of life.

While electricity is something we can’t do without in our daily lives, it can be quite dangerous. It’s never a good idea to play with electricity or try to fix electrical problems on your own. If you have any concerns or questions with regards to power lines running through or in the vicinity of your property, call in a licensed and experienced electrician for the job.

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