Aspects to Keep In View While Getting Business Lighting Installed

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20 Oct Aspects to Keep In View While Getting Business Lighting Installed

Most people spend a significant amount of time at their workplace and as a business owner it becomes your responsibility to ensure that the office setting is comfortable and well-lit; this helps improve the productivity of your staff.

In addition, it helps improve your reputation as well, because aesthetically-designed and pleasant-looking interior spaces will impress your clients and visitors. Lighting is one of the key aspects of interior design and it’s important to focus on certain business lighting solutions such as the ones mentioned below:

#1 Lighting Design

No one likes to sit in dull ad dark workspaces day after day and getting the right type of lighting installation in your business will help keep up the enthusiasm levels of your employees and they will look forward to coming into work every day. To identify whether your office is well lit, take a look around at every space, in every room and pinpoint all the dimply-lit and dark spaces.

If you notice many of these, you are most likely to need a lighting redesign. When it comes to ensuring that you have a well-illuminated office/commercial space, you should use the layered lighting concept. This means you start with ambient lighting in which you install recessed lights in the ceiling.

The light bounces off of the ceiling and lends the area indirect yet bright and clear light. The next thing you need to add are spot lights along walls and hallways and these should be installed at equal intervals; this lends a sense of symmetry to the space and doesn’t leave dark spots in any area.

You should focus more on areas that don’t have any natural light as these would need some additional light fittings. All workstations/counters should have task lighting and be evenly lit. If you have placed any artwork on the walls, you can use spot lighting and picture lights to highlight them.

#2 Outdoor Lighting

If you are a business that relies on foot traffic even after dark (like a restaurant or pub etc.), outdoor lighting is something you can’t ignore and this becomes as important as illuminating the indoor areas well. Potential customers should be able to see the exterior areas of the building clearly as that makes your business more appealing.

In addition, it adds to the safety and security aspects of your business too. Installing overhead lights and spot lights can make all the paths to your business clearly visible and safer for everyone. Well-lit areas also act as a deterrent for vandals and trespassers.

#3 Backup Power

Most businesses are highly-dependent on PCs and other related systems, and very little work can get done without them. If a power outage occurs, that could lead to hours of downtime. But you can easily protect your business from unproductive hours by getting a backup generator installed. In case of a power outage, the backup power will kick in and ensure your electronic and other systems such as computers, peripherals and registers etc. are kept running; this investment can easily pay for itself over the years.

Improving the ambience and functionality of your office or commercial spaces starts with simple things such as getting the right type of commercial lighting installations. It’s always a good idea to hire experts to provide lighting plans and solutions; and this is where we at AllRound Electrical can help.

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