Tips to Ensure Electrical Safety in Your Home While You Are Away

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29 Jun Tips to Ensure Electrical Safety in Your Home While You Are Away

Holidays are an exciting time, especially if you have planned a trip out of town with your family. In addition to all the planning that you do for the actual trip, you also need to ensure that you properly shut-off all the utilities in your home for the duration of your trip.

One of the most important aspects to keep in view when you are away from home is electrical safety. You need to take some precautions to reduce the risks of electrical problems such as electrical fires etc. These simple steps will go a long way to ensure electrical safety in your home while you are away:

#1 Make sure everything is unplugged

Before leaving home, conduct a quick check and ensure that all the non-essential devices and appliances are unplugged. Pay especial attention to straightening irons, heaters, air conditioners and other appliances that could cause fires. It’s far better to unplug the devices at the wall rather than just switching off something.

#2 Install timers for lights

The one way to improve the security of your home when you out of town is to use timer switches for all the lights. It’s never a good idea to advertise that your home is unoccupied as that becomes an open invitation for unsavoury elements. When you use timer switches for lights, they will get switched on & off every few hours after dark, giving the impression that the house is occupied. Ensure you use outdoor grade timers for all the yard and alfresco areas. Using indoor timers in these areas can be very dangerous as they aren’t built to endure the outdoor weather conditions.

#3 Check whether all the important appliances are in proper working order

If you want to leave some lights on, ensure there are no lingering problems. Check all the devices and appliances that you plan to keep switched on, such as your refrigerator etc. If the radios and TVs are going to be left on, set them on timer switches. The best way to conduct these checks is to call in expert professionals like us to conduct thorough inspections of all the electrical installations and systems before you leave on your vacation. If we find any potential problems, we will inform you about them. The appliances can be turned off for the duration of your trip. You can call us on your return to the get them replaced or repaired as required.

#4 Ensure that the smoke alarms are in working order

It’s crucial that you check all the smoke alarms before you leave and if necessary, change the batteries as well. Keep a trusted neighbour informed that you’ll be away. They will know to call emergency services or investigate if they hear your smoke alarm activated. People often assume that it’s nothing more than food fumes or a burnt toast when they hear a smoke alarm going off in a neighbour’s home.

Planning all these things meticulously and taking appropriate steps to ensure electrical safety in your home before you leave, can give you peace of mind and allow you to enjoy your holiday without any worries. That last minute room-to-room check will help ensure that you don’t worry yourself silly about whether you left the heater or iron on.

If you are planning on heading out of town and need a skilled and licensed electrician to make sure that all the electrical appliances and fixtures are in a good condition and the different electrical services we provide, feel free to contact us at AllRound Electricals at 1300 169 263 or write to us at this email address and we will call back shortly. Our experts will discuss your requirements in detail and will make sure they provide solutions that work perfectly for you and fit right into your budget.

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