Electricity is something we take for granted even though we can barely function without it. Every aspect of our lives and the spaces we use has electricity in it. We use electricity to improve the comfort levels in our home. It’s used at workplaces and in areas like kitchens as well as outdoor spaces on our property.

In spite of how integral it is to a modern lifestyle, we tend to take it for granted. Most of us also neglect to get regular electrical maintenance done and this can prove to be a mistake. Here are some aspects to keep in view and tips to follow in order to avoid electrical accidents in your home. Ensure that your family also follows these tips in order to prevent mishaps from occurring. It’s also a good idea, to write these pointers and stick them in a common area or on your fridge, where they are visible to everyone.


When any electrical appliances aren’t in use, make sure you turn them off at the switch. In the case of heat-generating appliances such as room heaters, make sure that you unplug them before leaving the room. Even simple things like turning off mobile phone chargers and unplugging them improves electrical safety in your home. One of the best ways to ensure that you do this as a matter of routine is to conduct all theses checks by default before you leave the house.


This is an extremely important rule to keep in view. Never use multiple extension cords and dual plugs, as these only overload the sockets. The standard rule is to use only one plug in one socket. If you are using an extension cord, ensure that it has a trip mechanism that will turn it off in case of an overload.


Conduct regular checks of all the regular electrical fittings and fixtures in your home, including all the sockets, cords, plugs etc. Be on the lookout for exposed or damaged electrical wiring or burn marks around plugs and sockets. Make it a point to check wiring for twists or damaged insulation. If you have noticed any of these problems, hire the services of skilled a licensed electrician to address the problem without delay.


There are times when the plug points are at a distance from the device or appliance, and we hide the hanging cords behind furniture or under carpeting. This is never a good idea because any fault or potential problem in the wiring can go unnoticed when it is out of sight. Hanging wires are a tripping hazard and its best to get new plug points fitted in the areas where the appliance or devices are to be placed.


Most homes have a number of kitchen appliances, many of which can be unplugged and stored in cabinets when not in use. It’s important to ensure that unplugged cables aren’t running over the toaster or your stove.

Make sure that all electrical appliances, devices and cables are kept away from water and direct exposure to excessive moisture. When you are in the kitchen or bathroom areas, handle all electrical appliances with dry hands.

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