How To Get The Best From Your Night Vision CCTV System

night vision CCTV system

11 Jan How To Get The Best From Your Night Vision CCTV System

Night Vision CCTV cameras are becoming very popular features on residential as well as commercial properties. They are a very good way to up the security levels of your property after dark. In this article, we will take a look at how you can get the best from your night vision CCTV System. Find out more here on how to plan your CCTV system.

More often than not, incidents that you’d want to record in your home’s CCTV surveillance system, are those that happen at night or when the light conditions aren’t too good. This is why setting up efficient night vision systems is crucial to getting the best results from your cameras. Here are some tips to get the best from your night vision CCTV system:

#1 Ensure That The Infrared (IR) Sensor Is Powerful

When comparing different night vision cameras, this is probably the most crucial aspect to keep in view. Every night vision CCTV camera will have a specific maximum coverage ranging from 5 metres-50 meters and above. However, you need to keep in mind that while this is the maximum range, you won’t get a very good image quality at these extremes. The recommendation is that you should measure up to what distance you need visibility. Once you have this range, add on a third. This means, if you want visibility up to 30 meters, it’s a good idea to invest in a camera that has a range of 40 meters.

#2 The Infrared Shouldn’t Be Excessively Powerful

It isn’t uncommon for people to overlook this aspect. However, having an excessively powerful infrared sensor can affect the image quality as much as a low IR can. This is primarily because a large percentage of CCTV cameras can’t really adjust the brightness of the IR. It means that if the camera is specifically designed for a longer range and someone is standing right next to it, that person will simply look too bright or washed out.

#3 Choose Wide Angle Lenses Carefully

Infrared Light Emitting Diodes are specifically built to brightly illuminate the central part of the image, in order to focus their power. This is exactly why CCTV night vision lenses don’t have a very wide angle. While this doesn’t pose much of a problem, some cameras also have lenses that the zoom out (varifocal lenses). If you are buying this type of camera, it important to be aware that at the zoom’s wide end, the night vision won’t cover the corners of images.

#4 Ensure There Is A Clear Field Of View

Make sure that there are no odd objects are sticking into the camera’s field of view. Most advanced CCTV cameras will attempt to adjust the exposure every time, in order to capture the best image. For example, if there are any leaves or tree branches jutting out into the frame of a lens, the LED’s would light them up very brightly. This results in loss of detail and makes the rest of the image too dark.

#5 Infrared Requires Some Surface To Reflect Off Of

The light from the CCTV’s infrared won’t be visible unless there is something it can reflect off of. There are times when property owners point these cameras into empty fields and wonder why there is nothing but pitch darkness in the images. This doesn’t mean that the night vision isn’t working. If any subject moves into view, they will still be visible once they move into the camera’s range.

#6 Keep The Mounting Height In View

When you are considering exactly how powerful you want the night vision camera to be, it’s important to keep the installation height in view. For example, if you’ve parked your vehicle 5 metres away from your house and your IR CCTV camera is installed 4 metres from the ground, then the actual distance from the camera is 6 metres. This is something you need to keep in view when you are installing cameras at a certain height above the ground floor.

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