Common Mistakes to Avoid While Choosing Home Alarm Systems

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08 Mar Common Mistakes to Avoid While Choosing Home Alarm Systems

Selecting the perfect alarm system for your house is difficult as there a number of different options available on the market. Technology continues to evolve, and this makes it necessary to choose the perfect system and avoid the ones that are less effective.

Burglars are aware of how the new and improved systems work and take necessary measures to avoid detection. This makes it important to be a step ahead of them at all times. Here is a list of a few common mistakes to avoid while choosing alarm systems:

#1 Not Taking Every Access Point into Consideration

The most common mistake is that homeowners do not take every access point leading in their house into consideration. Ignoring the windows and simply securing the main doorway isn’t enough. Preventing intruders from entering is the primary goal of every security system. It is crucial to consider every possible point of entry a burglar can break in from. Choosing an alarm system that addresses each and every issue is necessary.

#2 Installation of Keypads Next To Windows

The installation of keypads next to doors or windows is another mistake many homeowners tend to make. If an intruder can reach the keypad through a window, it can be deactivated or removed with ease, making it useless. Ensuring that the keypad isn’t visible from outside is crucial. In addition, also make sure that it isn’t installed right beside the alarm. A professional installer will find the best location to install the alarm system.

#3 Failing To Conduct Proper Research

Another mistake homeowners make is not conducting the proper research while looking for security systems. It is crucial to choose a reputable security company that can guarantee their services. It is important to do a little research before purchasing the product. Choosing a licensed company is necessary as they will provide you with a complete breakdown of all costs and a written quotation. Every reputed company will carry out a home assessment of your house and then provide you with the system.

#4 Poor Placement for Motion Detectors

To ensure motion detectors function properly it is important to place them at the right location. Detectors blocked by shelves, entertainment units or plants cannot function at their best. This makes it vital to ensure there are no obstructions. Placing the motion detectors away from appliances like microwaves is also a great idea as they can cause cross signals.

#5 Failing to Choose a Company That Offers Guaranteed Services

To ensure you get the best service possible it is necessary to choose an alarm company that offers a money back guarantee. With such a large number of companies in the market, not every one of them provides great services. It is necessary to get a written guarantee to avoid issues later on.

#6 Failure To Have A Physical Home Protection

Having a digital security system installed doesn’t mean you ignore basic home protection measures like deadbolts on all exterior doors. Many get a false sense of security after installing these systems, and leave out all other necessary security measures. Neglecting to install window locks or outdoor lighting can be dangerous. A secure home means having these additional levels of security installed.

Avoiding these mistakes will provide you with the best security. In addition, choose services that fit your specific requirements rather than selecting what the masses use. Every reputable company will take your needs into consideration before installing the system.

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