Best Ways to Save Electricity during the Summertime

save electricity during the summertime

22 Mar Best Ways to Save Electricity during the Summertime

Utility bills keep escalating during summertime. Appliances like air conditioning units and fans are always switched on. There are a number of different uses that increase your overall power consumption. Saving energy during the summer doesn’t necessarily mean you have to sit around in the heat. A few simple changes can go a long way in reducing your energy bills during the warmer months. Here are the best ways to save electricity during summertime:

#1 Conduct An Energy Audit For Your House

Conducting an energy audit can save you a lot of money. A thorough check of your house is conducted and new ways of saving on electricity are found. Consider saving time during showers or install a water-saving showerhead for your bathroom. Unplug air conditioners, television units, heaters and fans in your bedroom when not in use. Switch on the fan rather than an air conditioner, to cool down a room.

#2 Transition To Solar Power

Solar power uses the energy from the sun and converts it into electricity. Solar powered systems now cost up to 40% less than they did when they were first launched. This means you can save thousands of dollars electricity a year and also avoid rising energy prices in the future.

#3 Use Either A Cold or Warm Cycle for the Washing Machine

Around 90% of your washing machine’s energy consumption is used for heating the water. Doing laundry on a cold or warm cycle will save you a lot of money. Avoid using the dryer; rather take advantage of the warm weather and hang the clothes outside to dry. You will also keep your house cool by not running appliances that generate heat.

#4 Install LED Lighting

Look for LED lighting fixtures. LED bulbs consume extremely low amounts of energy, and their installation improves the energy-efficiency of your house by about 80%.

#5 Control The Sunlight Filtering Into Your House

The heat from the sun can make the indoors extremely uncomfortable to use, which makes you switch on the air conditioning. Rather than using excessive amounts of energy, block the sun’s heat filtering in from the windows. Install blinds and blackout curtains on windows; this can prevent the heat from reaching indoor spaces. Any window shading like panels or shades will help keep your house cool without the need of air conditioners.

#6 Increase Airflow to Keep Your House Cool

Proper air movement throughout the house increases evaporation in still helps condition the indoor spaces. Re-design openings like windows, vents, doors if required. If the breeze moves freely throughout the house, the movement of the air will help cool down the house. The airflow works best in open layouts where there are proper entry and exit points for the breeze.

#7 Place Houseplants

Plants don’t just add to the aesthetic appeal, but also help in keeping your house naturally cool. This is possible because plants lose water during the transpiration process, which cools the air around the plants. Ficus helps reduce air pollution and aloe vera reduces the air temperature.

#8 Install Smart Technology to Control Electricity Use

Smart technology is programmed to create schedules that stop unnecessary energy consumption, which in turn helps keep your bills low. The installation of smart vents will reduce energy waste by regulating the temperature. Smart window blinds will open to heat the house up in winter or close them to prevent sunlight from entering during warmer weather.

Following these simple tips can decrease energy consumption by a considerable amount which will keep your electricity bills low during summertime.

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