What Are Access Control Systems And Why Your Business Should Have Them

access control systems

14 Jun What Are Access Control Systems And Why Your Business Should Have Them

If you are looking to improve the overall security of your business, you should consider getting an access control system installed. These systems help in the quick and easy management of staff access to specific areas, lifts, floors and doors on your property.

Types of Access Devices

A robust and reliable access control system is a crucial aspect of the security of any commercial space. When you opt for the right system, you get to choose from a variety of devices to suit your business requirements. This can include:

  • Swipe cards
  • Tags for area access
  • Proximity card readers for all your staff members
  • Visitor access control
  • Remote controls used in wireless entry access control
  • Fingerprint recognition control
  • PIN code keypad for access control to doors

All these devices can be managed and monitored via user-friendly, specialised access control software. An experienced security company would be able to integrate the latest swipe card access systems with business alarm systems and digital security cameras.

This would help with locking and unlocking of doors as well as provide detailed audit trail reports for every area. In addition, they would also provide visual verification from all the CCTV images and videos in real time. When you have an access control system installed for your business, you would be able to set areas that your staff would be able to access using individual pin codes or swipe card access for keypad access.

When you have this type of flexibility within your office or commercial space, access will be restricted only to authorised personnel. This helps ensure that your confidential business information and your staff are safe and secure, while on your premises. Access control systems can be designed to be as simple or complex as you need them to be.

Access Control Systems – The Features

  • Control permissions for user access
  • Door access control tracking
  • Building access control with the use of ID cards
  • Access control to restricted/business critical areas
  • User permission access control based on staff position
  • Employee time and attendance tracking system
  • Access control event reporting functionality
  • Control & report on users based on area access events
  • Employee attendance and time tracking
  • Door access control only for lift access

Access Control Systems – The Benefits

There are a number of benefits to using access control systems on your property such as:

  • No worrying about lost keys
  • Complete visibility of who is entering and exiting the property
  • No undetected strangers
  • Increased safety levels
  • Helps reduce chaos between shifts
  • Reduces the incidence of accidents and thefts

In addition, access control systems offer the functionality to control access across multiple buildings. Many company operations are spread across multiple buildings. Your access control system can be set up in such a way that it can limit access to staff members that only need to enter a specific building. But it can also permit access to employees that need to enter all of the buildings.

Customised Access Control System Solutions

Since every business will have very specific requirements when it comes to access control, these systems are always customised to client needs. This makes it necessary to consult with security system experts that would be able to provide you with all the information you need about the different types of systems available on the market.

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