signs that your office premises needs electrical maintenance


Scheduled electrical maintenance is crucial not just for the safety of those working on your property, but also to prevent potential accidents. Also, it can help to improve the energy efficiency of your commercial office space while helping you save money on your energy bills.

Like any other feature or installation on your property, even the electrical system and installations require regular maintenance. It is possibly the best approach to maintaining the overall condition of the system.

Signs to look out for

You also need to make sure that expert and certified electricians handle electrical inspections. Here are some common signs which indicate your office space needs electrical maintenance.

1. Circuit Breaker Trips Very Regularly

Tripped circuit breakers can happen occasionally. However, if you find that a specific circuit breaker, on your office premises trips very frequently, you must find out what the root cause of the problem is. While you can reset the circuit breaker every time this happens, that does not help to address the main issue. Sometimes, circuit breakers contribute to overload in that particular section or due to a circuit shorted to the ground.

In other cases, some components of the electrical system might be faulty, causing the issue. When you call an experienced and licensed electrician, they will review all the connections and electrical wiring thoroughly to identify what the leading cause of the problem is. Once they have found it, they will fix it without delay ensuring that you do not have to deal with these interactions in the electrical current now and then.

The electrician would have to use specialised testing equipment to identify whether there is an overload in the circuit and what the source of the overload is. Sometimes, the electrician may also attach the appropriate grounding wires to devices and outlets to solve the problem as this helps to minimise the risks of severe injury in case of a short circuit. It will also help to stabilise the voltage levels.

2. Flickering Life in Various Areas of the Office

While you might not feel that flickering lights are a significant problem, if this happens very regularly, it can become a source of distraction and nuisance to your office staff members. Consistently flickering lights could also result in vision issues, headaches, as well as reduced energy levels and morale in your employees. Aside from this, the irregularity can increase your electricity costs.

A licensed and experienced electrician will diagnose what the cause of the problem is and determine whether it is an overloaded circuit or something straightforward like a light bulb issue. If the lights are flickering across various areas of your office, the problem could be more severe, and you would have to call in the electrician for complete inspection and maintenance.

3. Electrical Outlets Are Warm To the Touch

If you feel that the electrical outlets in your office spaces are warm to the touch, they indicate that a maintenance visit is overdue. If these outlets stay warm when there is nothing plugged in or after you have unplugged a device, it suggests that there might be an issue. Cracked, chipped, broken or worn outlets have to be inspected and replaced if necessary, by a skilled and experienced electrician.

It is always necessary to ensure that your staff members are not plugging-in an excessive number of devices into a single circuit. This is even more crucial if you have an older electrical system. Consider getting an electrical audit done. The electricians would be able to identify if any particular circuit on your property cannot support a certain number of devices.

4. Sparking When You Are Unplugging Or Plugging-In Devices Or Appliances

This is another possible sign that you might have a problem. A brief spark isn’t something that you need to be concerned about. However, if the sparking is excessive, it can indicate a dangerous problem.

Sometimes these sparks are due to excessive heat build-up in the outlets which would cause the insulation on the wiring to melt; it could cause an electrical fire. Water is another cause for sparks from electrical outlets, and this can result in a short circuit. Poor repair jobs or old appliances can also cause this kind of a problem.

Aside from all of these reasons, if your office is located in an older building, you must get more frequent and regular inspections and maintenance done. The electrical wiring has a specific lifespan, and older wiring can always be risky.

Hire Skilled Local Electricians for Office Electrical Maintenance

One of the best ways to avoid all of these problems is to opt for regular electrical maintenance services from a skilled and experienced commercial electrician. They will use the latest technology and testing equipment to assess whether there are problems in any areas of the electrical installations on your property.

This is one of the best ways to avoid downtime, loss of energy-efficiency and an impact on employee productivity as well as excessive energy bills. Also, commercial premises are required to ensure that the electrical installations on their property are installed in line with Australian Standards and maintained as per code.

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