why you should consider upgrading your switchboard


Every house and apartment has switchboards fitted in them. They are incredibly vital installations as they connect to every electronic appliance in your home. They are also responsible for keeping both your property and family safe.

However, in case you live in an older apartment, you can consider upgrading your switchboard. Upgrading the feature has several benefits, it also eliminates the risk of potential fire hazards.

What Is A Switchboard?

A switchboard is an installation that can be fitted in any part of your house. While it may be located in the hallway in some properties, others might have them installed in front of their home.

This fixture includes circuit breakers, fuses, as well as safety switches. Every single circuit that runs through your property is controlled from this board, and from the board to the electric meter.

These connections are specifically designed to shut off in case there’s something wrong with the current. If a particular electric line is overused or if an appliance malfunctions and results in a short circuit, it will switch off instantly. The switchboard will quickly shut off the power to your house, keeping it safe from potential fires and electrification.

When Should You Upgrade The Switchboard?

While switchboards should always be inspected once every 5 years, it might be a good idea to have them replaced every 20 years. The older switchboards on properties often function on ceramic fuses and not on modern circuit breakers.

While most licensed electricians will set up a new circuit while installing more modern electrical devices on your property, you might be better off redoing the entire box rather than only specific circuit breakers. This will help you deal with future conversions much more efficiently.

In case your circuit breaker keeps tripping, you need to get in touch with an electrician right away. This is especially true if your circuit breakers don’t trip when an appliance on your property malfunctions.

Benefits of Upgrading Your Switchboards

Upgrading your switchboard on the property has several benefits, such as:

  • Repair Loose Connections And Melted Cables – Wear and tear can often result in a loose connection. This causes the electricity to jump across the cable. It’s called arcing, which is incredibly dangerous and can result in fires.
  • Prevent Fires In The Fuse Board – When the fuse holder starts to arc, it can slowly begin to spread heat over other circuits as well. This generates even more heat, which, in turn, causes more arcs to formulate. If the earthing on your switch box isn’t up to code, it can result in fires.
  • Save Money – Circuit breakers that malfunction can result in constant trip outs. You will then need to get in touch with an electrician to fix it. However, when you upgrade your switchboard, you save a considerable amount of money on emergency visits.
  • Reduces The Chances Of Electrocution – Electricity is one of the most dangerous elements in a property. A well-functioning switchboard will trip immediately, in case there’s something wrong with the current. However, if your switchboard isn’t functioning as it should, the box won’t trip. This can cause electrocution that can result in a fatality as well.
  • Eliminate Setbacks – Dealing with a trip out at an unexpected time and having to wait for an electrician to show up can get quite frustrating. However, when you upgrade your older switchboard with a newer one, you can avoid dealing with such situations entirely.

Hire Licensed Electricians

When you decide you get your switchboards upgraded, it’s crucial to get in touch with licensed electricians. Besides replacing your existing fuse box, they will also carry out a thorough inspection of all your electrical features. They have the skill and expertise to tackle such a task with ease and efficiency. Besides, they will also complete the job to the highest standards, ensuring that the feature lasts you years.

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