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Making 2017 a year of giving.

We proudly support the B1G1 initiative.

The B1G1 Philosophy


The best place to start is to watch the video here to get an overview of what B1G1 is all about.

Here you can see the impact B1G1 is having across the globe

And here you can see the impact of our giving

Some great B1G1 Stories


B1G1 Study Tour 2017 – Cambodia


In January 2017, 26 B1G1 business members embarked on a life-changing trip to Cambodia. 7 projects, 7 unique insights. And hundreds of lives impacted. Read more about this unique journey here:


Meet Kakada – B1G1 Smiles Around the World


Meet Kakada from Phare, The Cambodian Circus. Kakada came from a disadvantaged family. He was given free educational opportunities and performing arts training by Phare.

In a new or old home you need to ensure your family's safety around electricity.