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outdoor electrical safety

28 Apr Tips For Outdoor Electrical Safety

At this time of the year, the weather in most parts of Australia is perfect to spend time in the outdoor spaces of your home. You can spend leisurely hours lounging around by the pool, or have BBQ parties in your outdoor kitchen, on the...

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ground fault circuit interrupters

21 Apr Reasons to Install GFCI’s in Your Home

GFCIs or ground fault circuit interrupters are safety devices that have been extremely effective in reducing the total number of home electrocutions by almost 50%, in Australia. Most new homes and businesses now have these devices installed in locations where water is present in and...

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power guzzling

07 Apr Time to Pull the Plug on Power Guzzlers

You must have heard how it's important to unplug your mobile device chargers when they aren't connected. That's because these chargers continue to drain electricity. While this is a fact, the truth also is that the amount of power that mobile phones and other similar...

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In a new or old home you need to ensure your family's safety around electricity.